Finnish Supreme Administrative Court overturns prohibition by police

In 2014 Ceci n’est pas… was subject of controverse during the Baltic Circle Festival in Finland. According to the local police, the last scene of the glass box series, Ceci n’est pas… mon corps (with a naked woman sitting on a chair) would have been an act of public obscenity. This week the Supreme Administrative Court published their decision, overturning the previous judgments by the police.

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Lyn Gardner about Phobiarama

Lyn Gardner – Theatre Critic for The Guardian – visited Phobiarama during the Holland Festival and reflected on the performance in an article, part of Culture after Brexit – a conversation, curated by the British Council, about the future of the cultural relationship between the UK and the European Union after Britain exits the EU. “But gradually Phobiarama deepens and offers an increasingly piercing comment on the way we play into the hands of those intent on exploiting our fear, as the ride suddenly hurtles backwards and perceptions and certainties are undercut. Verhoeven has always used public spaces to explore the psychic geography of contemporary life.”

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