‘Songs for Thomas Piketty’ on view in Engelskirchen (DE)

‘Songs for Thomas Piketty’ will be on view at After Supervising the Machines, a three-day art festival on the occasion of Friedrich Engels’ 200th birthday, held in Engels’ birth town of Engelskirchen (DE). From Thursday the 24th of September until Sunday the 27th the work will be part of a diverse program that features works by 10 artists and engages with the intellectual and social legacy of the influential political thinker and activist:

What does work mean today, in a time of serious crisis and change? To what extent is our life interwoven with work – has it even become a form of work itself? Who stands in the light, who remains invisible? How many of our professions are activities that nobody really needs, but which are often far better paid than those that are actually “systemically relevant”? And what really is: the “working class” today – in an era of global markets and networks, digital monopolies and new class struggles?

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