‘You are here’ is back

We are euphoric that, as the Covid-19 restrictions* are gradually lifted, we now have the opportunity to show “You are here” once again. In cooperation with the organisations of SPRING Performing Arts Festival and Theaterfestival Boulevard, the installation-performance will be presented in the Netherlands for the first time in thirteen years. With a new cast of young performers, the work will be performed 66 times over the summer, both in Utrecht and in ‘s Hertogenbosch.

In an installation, reminiscent of a hotel, each audience member will get their own bedroom. Here they are alone and anonymous, until they learn about the visitors in the other rooms. In its original set up the work functioned as a model for the anonymity associated with city life, where people simultaneously live similar lives. Due to the social implications caused by the current pandemic, the work will now also be a reflection on our time in self isolation, a time in which the proximity of strangers suddenly became a threat.

The work was selected for the Dutch and Flemish Theatre Festival, has received the 2009 Young Directors Award at the Salzburger Festspiele, and the 2008 VSCD Mimeprijs.

> 8 until 18 July 2020, Werkspoorkathedraal in Utrecht, – sold out
> 6 until 16 August 2020, Brabanthallen in ‘ – sold out

The performances are sold out, however you can put yourself on a waitlist for s-Hertogenbosch via the Theaterfestivsal Boulevard website.

Cast: Emma Hanekroot, Meghan Dobbelsteijn, Alidtcha Binazon, Marly Brouwer, Annet de Ruiter, Alësha Ovsiannikov, Annelotte van Aarst, Myrthe Boersma, Levi Middendorp en Guido Hoek

*The presentation of the work will be in accordance with the latest coronavirus safety guidelines, for more information see the project page