Visiting Phobiarama is an immersive excursion into our contemporary culture of fear. The tactics of terrorists, politicians and marketers are being staged in a new theater of fear. On a square in the city center rises a 21th century haunted house.

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Our fear receptors lie deep in our brains: the amygdalae, two nodules that are responsible for processing frightening stimuli. With a threatening confrontation they decide whether we fight or flee. The reaction is usually automatic, a reflex. In recent years, our amygdalae have been working overtime. Our continent has never been as safe as it is now, yet we have not been this terrified in such a long time.

We are constantly challenged to make the distinction between real threats and irrational imaginary scenarios. Politicians, marketers and terrorists make good use of our alert state of being. They target our fear receptors with great effect. We are attracted to the shivers down our spine. We greedily listen to the words of warning and we watch fearsome images on the news. We exorcise our fears by looking them straight in the eye.






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concept Dries Verhoeven

performance Michelangelo Hansen, Earl Daniel, Faiz Faouzi, Malcolm Pengel, Ozan Aydogan, Quincy Nelstein, Rodney Glunder, Rosario Roumou, Sohrab Bayat, Virginio Papa, Zouhair Mtazi

dramaturgy Lara Staal

sound design S.M. Snider

production Studio Dries Verhoeven

software Sylvain Vriens

video design (internship) Casper Wortmann

direction (internship) Carmen Schwarz

photography Willem Popelier

video trailer Bowie Verschuuren

Phobiarama is made possible thanks to the Creative Industries Fund NL