You are here

In an installation, which reminds most people of a hotel, a spectator lies alone on a bed. A 400 m² mirror hangs directly above. The visitor sees him or herself in the mirror ceiling.

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By exchanging letters and notes passed under doors, visitors communicate with performers in the hallway. The mirror rises, the bed zooms out. Just like with Google Earth, the spectator gets a view of the lives of the people next to him. He sees the other visitors lying alone in their rooms and hears details about all these people in a story about the collective state of being. After an hour, the mirror drops back to the starting point. The visitor is alone again.

You are here is a performative installation, which moves between private and public. It provokes questions about our attitude to ‘strangers’ around us and about our need for a collective experience. The hotel functions as a model for the anonymity in cities where people often live similar lives, simultaneously yet often alone.

You are here was selected for the Dutch and Flemish Theater Festival (2008).


You are here (2007)


"All those people, lying there quietly and alone on their beds, the image is one of touching beauty."

'Dries Verhoeven laat bezoekers theater kijken vanaf eenzaam hotelbed' ('Dries Verhoeven has visitors watching theatre from a loney hotel bed'), Vincent Kouters in De Volkskrant (07-07-2007)read the review (in Dutch)

"A new highpoint in experiential theatre."

'U bevindt zich hier' ('You are here'), Wilfred Takken in NRC Handelsblad (24-05-2007)read the review (in Dutch)

"A moving statement about loneliness and contact. This artist is starting to become one of the most original voices in Dutch theatre."

'Reviews of Festival a/d Werf', Simon van den Berg in Het Parool ('21-05-2007)read the review (in Dutch)

Background and public reception

Montblanc Young Directors Award 2009

Dries Verhoeven received the Montblanc Young Directors Award at the Festspiele Salzburg for You are here.

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VSCD Mimeprijs 2008

Dries Verhoeven received the VSCD Mimeprijs 2008 for No man’s land and You are here.

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Adam Czirak wrote the book ‘Partizipation der Blicke. Szenerien des Sehens und Gesehenwerdens in Theater und Performance’ in which he includes a piece on You are here. ‘Partizipation der Blicke’, Adam Czirak by ‘transcript Verlag’, Bielefeld.

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In this video, Dries Verhoeven talks about the origins and construction of You are here.

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The television channel Arte dedicated an item to the Berlin version of You are here.

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For Beeldbouwers Daniel Bertina interviewed Verhoeven about his most memorable creation.

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concept Dries Verhoeven

technical productie Roel Evenhuis, Michiel van der Zijde

technicians Marco Steenks, Jeroen van Eekelen

production managers Evelien Heus, Pieke Berkelmans, Esther van Rooijen

photography René den Engelsman and Anna van Kooij

cast 2007 Jorieke Abbing, Marcus Azzini, Willem van Berkel, Erik J. Dekker, Laura Johannes, Nienke Scholts, Daniëlle van de Ven, Erik Whien en Hannah van Wieringen

co-commissioned by Huis and Festival a/d Werf (2007), Salzburger Festspiele (2009), De Zomer van Antwerpen (2009) and HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin (2011)