Empty Hands

Empty Hands is a performative installation about the way we perceive the dependent generations. Two generations stand on stage, five people under the age of 8, and five people over 80. The spectators, usually falling between these two generational extremes, are sitting in their seats; they are ancestors and descendants.

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There are 20,000 empty eggs lying on the ground. There are ticker tapes hanging, dispersed throughout the room. The projected texts question our notions of the dependent generations. When we take physical responsibility for someone, do we still see that person as a complete person? Are they also allowed to have dangerous ideas, or does that dependence make the person simple and submissive? Do we dare to project the complexity of an adult life on the young kids? Or do we prefer to see their appeasing smiles?


"Confronting due to the exceptional performers who, without blushing, display their fragility and innocence in the silent roles."

'Zonder blozen de fragiliteit van leeftijd tentoonspreiden' ('Exemplifying the fragility of age without blushing'), Vincent Kouters for De Volkskrant (29-11-2010)read the review (in Dutch)

"A theatre experience that is touching and moreover, provides food for thought."

Alinde Hoeksma for (27-11-2010)read the review (in Dutch)


direction, text Dries Verhoeven

direction assistance Roeland Hofman and Erik J. Dekker

dramaturgy Nienke Scholts

costumes Saskia Schoenmaker

technical coördination Roel Evenhuis

technicians Sylvain Vriens and Jorg Schellekens

photography Kris Dewitte

actors Cora Canne Meijer, Elisabeth Cooymans, Charles van Tassel, Chaim Levano, Max van Egmond, Julia Harmsen, Wieke Glas, Rens Clijnk, Derick Pieter and Jara de Leeuw