God zegene de greep

God zegene de greep is a performative installation about the sense of community in times of predicted disasters. Do we move closer to each other if the catastrophic ecological and economic uncertainties materialise, or do we become more and more selfish and preservational if we see our demise with our own eyes? Twenty spectators take their place in a rescue capsule; they all have a small speaker around their neck.

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Together, the voices coming from the speakers discuss the need for intimacy and each person’s individual battle to survive, sometimes at the expense of others. The light in the cabin regularly goes out and the voices all together start singing songs. A feeling of connection arises without the visitors exchanging a word.


God zegene de greep (2012)


"The idea is as simple as it is effective."

'Ervaringstheater: oefening in ongewenste intimiteit’ ('Experiential theatre, an exercise in unwanted intimacy')', Ron Rijghard for NRC Handelsblad (22-01-2013)read the review (in Dutch)

"It is exceptional that the moment of salvation still creates an emotional response. That sublime moment is too wonderful to describe. God zegene de greep should be experienced."

'Toeschouwer wordt speler in voorstelling zonder acteurs’ ('The spectator becomes the player in an actor-less performance'), Sara van der Kooi on (13-12-2012)read the review (in Dutch)

"The form Verhoeven choses for the role reversal is extremely surprising. It is amusing, but also touches on something more intense: impotency."

‘Stemmen die in je eigen lichaam kruipen: vreemd’ ('Voices creeping into your body: strange'), Mirjam van der Linden for De Volkskrant (17-12-2012)read the review (in Dutch)

"Never before was a theatre audience so deeply under each other’s skin."

'Bezoekers dobberen in capsule de ondergang tegemoet’ ('Visitors bobbing in a capsule to meet their doom'), Dieter van den Bergh for Brabants Dagblad (10-12-2012)read the review (in Dutch)


concept Dries Verhoeven

developed in collaboration with Michiel Bakker, Sanne den Hartogh, Joachim Robbrecht, Nienke Scholts and Bart van de Woestijne (intern)

production Saskia Schoenmaker

technicians Jeroen van Eekelen, Roel Evenhuis and Kas van Huisstede

sound design Wouter Messchendorp

sound technique Tymen Bergman i.s.m. Tijmen Rockt

edit Roy van Roosendaal

photography Amange Shariff

voices singers Natascha Morsink, Jurriaan Grootes, Gijs Klunder, Marina Besselink, Christina Voltl, Diederik Rooker, Alex Lammertsma, Jaap Meijer, Leonoor Lammens, Femke Spruit, Jony Overdijk and Ank Hartendorp

voices actors Anne Gehring, Bram van der Heijden, Ali Ben Horsting, Marleen Scholten, Tamar van den Dop, Carola Arons, Judith van den Berg, Hannah van Lunteren, José Kuijpers, Bram Coopmans, Ruben de Goede, Gijs Naber, Maria Kraakman, Jeroen De Man, Myranda Jongeling, Mara van Vlijmen, Joep van der Geest, Bianca van der Schoot and Rob Klinkenberg